Thursday, May 14, 2009

Woman attacked and robbed in Manatee County, Florida

From ABC Action News:

MANATEE COUNTY, FL -- A disabled woman was attacked by two men as she rode her bicycle Wednesday night. The suspects were also riding bicycles.

Deputies say the victim, who lives in the Belmont Park Apartments on 20th Street, is physically disabled and has a medical condition that causes seizures.

She was in the process of leaving a friend's apartment when the pair knocked her to the ground. While lying helplessly, the two punched her and kicked her. Deputies say they stole her cell phone and no more than $40 in cash.

Manatee County Sheriff's Office sent a K-9 unit along with other deputies to search the area for the suspect.

They say a witness saw the duo leave on their bicycles heading south on 20th Street West. Both suspects were wearing ski masks at the time of the attack.

The woman's injuries left her with bruises and cuts but did not require a trip to the hospital.

Anyone with information that would help the Manatee County Sheriff's Office is asked to call Detective William J. Waldron at 941-747-3011 Ext. 2160.