Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Manhattan, NY, street named in honor of disability advocate, Frieda Zames

Via: Anne Finger, SDS

From Newsday:
NEW YORK - A Manhattan street is being renamed in honor of an advocate whose work made New York City more accessible for the disabled. City officials will join family and leaders from the disabled community on May 2 to rename a section of East 4th Street "Frieda Zames Way."Zames was a longtime resident of the block. The retired math professor died in 2005 but New Yorkers unknowingly benefit from her advocacy every time they use a street's curb cut.Zames used crutches and braces as well as a motorized scooter as a result of childhood polio. She was among those who fought and won a campaign to make the Empire State Building's observatory more accessible to the disabled.