Thursday, May 28, 2009

Three cases of financial abuse

From KCTV in Overland Park, Kansas (May 23) - Jamila Jackson appeared in court to face charges of stealing from a disabled woman who lives at the Manor Care Health Services in Overland Park. According to court records, Ms Jackson worked at the nursing home as an aide when she allegedly took the woman's credit cards to pay off some of her own bills, including telephone, utility and rent bills. According to prosecutors, Ms Jackson never took the credit cards themselves from the the woman. They said she wrote down the numbers on the credit cards so the victim wouldn't notice anything missing. Jackson was charged with identity fraud and mistreatment of a dependent adult.

From WAFB in Baton Rouge, Louisiana (May 21) - 47-year-old Rodney Thomas and 47-year-old Alyssa Thomas have been arrested for allegedly stealing thousands of dollars from a man in their care. Both have been charged with felony theft and exploitation of the infirmed. They are accused of stealing more than $80,000 from a 56-year-old client they were taking care of in February. The Thomases own a business called Thomas Place Recovery, in which they care for the infirmed and mentally challenged.

From the Chicago Daily Herald (May 21) - 41-year-old Peter T. Jachim was arrested and charged with swindling about $5,000 from two women with develomental disabilities with whom he shared an apartment. Jacim faces charges of financial exploitation of an elderly person and financial exploitation of a disabled person, stemming from claims he began taking money from the women about six months ago. According to police, Jachim began living with one of the victims, a 46-year-old disabled Cary woman, in April 2008. Jachim, police said, would sometimes accompany the woman to her workplace, a restaurant in Island Lake where he met the second victim, a 66-year-old woman who for the previous 31 years had been a resident of an assisted living facility. Jachim, police said, arranged to have her moved out of the facility and into the one-bedroom apartment he shared with the 46-year-old woman. The eldest woman slept on a love seat in the apartment's kitchen, police said. Police declined to comment on how they believe Jachim took the womens' money, but said investigators believe there may be other victims. If convicted of both charges, he would face a maximum three to seven years in prison.