Monday, May 18, 2009

Assault charges against employee of facility for women with developmental disabilities

Vineland, New Jersey (May 15) - The South Jersey News reports the indictment of 21-year-old Tycole Higginbotham, an employee of the Vineland Developmental Center for women with developmental disabilities, for allegedly assaulting a resident of the center. According to the indictment, Ms Higgonbotham strangled the resident until she became unconscious because, in the words of Prosecutor Ron Casella, "she was acting out in some way." An excerpt from the article:

"In trying to control the victim, Higginbothom put her hands around the victims neck until the victim went unconscious," he said. "The defendant then did what she could to revive the victim by blowing on her face. The victim did eventually come to."

According to the report, the women did not suffer any permanent injuries as a result of the assault. Tycole Higginbothom was indicted for second-degree aggravated assault and third-degree official misconduct last month in front of a Superior Court grand jury in Cumberland County. She has been suspended from her job without pay pending resolution of the charges.