Monday, May 25, 2009

Katlin Cousineau case goes to trial

Barrie, Central Ontario, Canada (May 23) - According to the Edmonton Sun, the jury trial of Paul Bradey, who is accused of the torture killing of 23-year-old Katlin Cousineau, began last week. The charred body of Ms Cousineau, who was intellectually disabled was found on November 15, 2005, in what has been described as "dungeon-like basement," along with containers of gasoline, a blowtorch and a pair of handcuffs. From the article:

Now on trial for her murder is Paul Bradey, who owned the rural two-storey home in Midland, Ont., where he lived with his girlfriend and another tenant, along with Cousineau and 19 cats.

On the witness stand yesterday, a former resident whose parents sold the house to Bradey told the jury that she grew up in the house and was always afraid of the shallow, dirty basement.

"My sister and I hated to go down there," said Deborah Mink.

"It was dark, it was dank. It smelled. There were spiders and mice."

The Crown has told the jury that in November 2005 Bradey and his tenant, Mat Sitte, went down into that basement and tortured Cousineau with a propane blowtorch.

The Crown also alleges that Bradey left the house while Sitte burned the house to the ground to destroy evidence.

According to the Toronto Sun co-accused Mat Sitte and Bradey's girlfriend, Susanna Balogh, are also expected to testify during the trial.The full stories are here and here.