Thursday, May 21, 2009

Death by neglect trial begins

Farmington, New Mexico (May 20, 2009) - A jury trial began on Monday for Sandra Greenwood, 62, who is charged with failing to aid her 26-year-old son, Jared Greenwood as he lay dying on the bathroom floor of the family's home allegedly covered in his own feces, dirt and trash in September 2007. As reported in the Daily Times,

The Office of the Medical Investigator determined the cause of Jared Greenwood's death was a blood infection developed through several large, open bed sores on the man's body.

According to the article, Sandra Greenwood received state funding through March 2007 to care for Jared, who had intellectual disabilities and autism.

Those state payments ended after Greenwood failed to request continued assistance. Greenwood, however, continued to receive state funding for a second adult child who has Down syndrome, a factor which prosecutors allege makes Greenwood a health care provider.

Also, it is reported, arrest documents state that Ms Greenwood told officers during an interview with Bloomfield police when Jared was first discovered that "it was my fault," and that her kids were dependent on her alone. She is charged with second-degree neglect of a health care resident or fourth-degree involuntary manslaughter. If convicted of the more serious neglect charge, Greenwood could face as many as 15-years in prison.

The story in full is here.