Friday, May 22, 2009

Child cruelty charges

From the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Fox 5 Atlanta (with video):

Atlanta, Georgia - Police have arrested Laurie Peavy, 44, a special education teacher at Woodstock High School teacher and her teacher's aide, Nancy Cheek, 49, for allegedly abusing two children with disabilities. Ms Peavy has been charged with two counts of false imprisonment and cruelty to children, and Ms Cheek with one count of each. Both women are free on bond. According to the Sheriff's Office, Ms Peavy and Ms Cheek duct-taped a 17-year-old autistic boy to a chair as a disciplinary action. Ms Peavy is also accused of confining a 17-year-old blind girl under a table against her will for "talking and being chatty."

Both women have been removed from their teaching positions and reassigned to non-teaching positions pending an internal investigation.