Wednesday, May 27, 2009

UK gang members sentenced in torture and terror case

York, The United Kingdom (May 26, 2009) - Four gang members in York, UK, have been jailed for tying up and then tormenting a 19-year-old disabled woman over a nine-hour period that they filmed on a mobile phone. As reported by the Press in York:

David Bradshaw, prosecuting, said the four made Kelly Saye, 19, lick a pair of trainers and drink washing-up liquid. They gagged her with toilet tissue and tape, tied her to a chair, used a mask and a battery with wires to terrify her and hit her. They even poured water over her so that her hearing aids would not work.

Her ordeal only ended when they took her out blindfolded, walked her about for a while, spun her round seven times and released her in Scarcroft Park, saying: “We will leave her to be savaged by a dog”. It was 5.30am.

The next day, two of the gang bragged about their deeds and showed off the photographs which at least one of them had taken on a mobile phone camera.

According to the article, Terry Spencer, 20, who was serving a community order at the time, was jailed for three years; Raymond Wilson, 28, who was on parole from a six-year sentence for ramming police cars with a forklift truck, was jailed for two years and ten months, and Victoria Brill, 21, was jailed for two years and six months. A 17-year-old girl who could not be named for legal reasons, was given a two-year detention and training order on top of the five months she spent in custody on remand. All four admitted false imprisonment and causing actual bodily harm.

As reported in the Yorkshire Post, the 17-year-old girl used to bully Ms Kelly at school. On the day she was attacked, she had been hanging around with the gang and went with them to Wilson's flat. They were laughing and joking together for about ten minutes before beginning their attack.