Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Torching incident

Via KSPR News, Gravois Mills, Illinois (March 23)

A 23-year-old Gravois Mills man has been charged with arson and adult abuse in connection with the terrorization of a disabled man with a propane torch. According to the report:

Morgan County sheriff's officials say [Christian] Lepper and a juvenile walked into the disabled man's home on March 16 and "began burning things in the home including walls, eilings, and furniture."

From a police news release: "They also allegedly pointed the torch at the man's head, singing his hair and causing a minor burn to his ear. When he resisted them one of the men reportedly hit the man in the face with the bottle to the torch."
Sheriff's investigators say they don't know a motive for the crime. But according to this report they did find several thousand dollars worth of stolen items while investigating Lepper.

The nature of the man's disability, nor his condition following the attack, are not known.