Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beating death in Korea

Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea - The Dong-A Ilbo in Korea reports the torture and killing of a 17-year-old teenager with developmental disabilties in Seongnam, near Seoul. According to the report, the young woman, identified only as Yoo, was beaten almost daily for 21 days by 4 teeanagers with whom she lived until she died last Thursday. Yoo had met the suspects through an online chatroom and moved in with them in January. After her death, they allegedly wrapped her body in a bed sheet and buried her at a mountain about a mile away from the house where she was killed. Police suspect that Yoo’s disability pension may have played a role in her killing.

According to The Dong-A Ilbo:

They allegedly tied the victim, identified only as Yoo, to a chair for two to three hours and dropped a knife with the blade facing down or poked her with needles under the guise of giving her a tattoo. They also confessed to whipping her with a jump rope.

Wednesday night, Yoo was beaten for cheating with another man. She lost consciousness after being burned with metal spoons and chopsticks that were heated up in a microwave oven.


Police said the four teens may have been after Yoo’s monthly disability subsidy of 400,000 to one million won (280 to 711 U.S. dollars). A day after Yoos death and her secret burial, Lee and his friends wore masks, hats and gloves to an ATM and withdrew 380,000 won (270 dollars) with Yoos debit card.

The four teens are known to have lived off Yoos subsidy since she began living with them in January, so police are tracking down where the money was spent.

(h/t to Media dis&dat and ICAD)