Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday blog-a-round

Why we need the Community Choice Act by Wheelie Catholic.

William Peace's post entitled Community Choice Act and who is disabled

Special Olympics? Not 'Special' At All, an essay by Susan Senator, who is the mother of an autistic teen and the author of "The Autism Mom's Survival Guide: Creating a Balanced and Happy Life while Raising a Child with Autism," which is coming in April 2010. Susan Senator's blog is here.

Elesia Ashkenazy's post at Autism entitled "Blasting stereotypes in autistic females"

This post at Disability Studies, Temple University, which includes a link to an interview with R&B/soul singer and song writer Teddy Pendergrass.

This post entitled "Explaining Disability" by Emma over at Wheelchair Princess.

This post over at Disability Prejudice and Civil Rights Watch, entitled "Anna Nicole Smith: Finally Charges Brought Against Her Psychiatrist"