Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Alexis Glover: an update

Further to my post on March 4 about the indictment of Alfreedia Gregg-Glover in connection with the murder of her daughter, 13-year-old Alexis Glover, Inside Nova is now reporting that a trial date for Gregg-Glover has been set for July 6, 7 and 8. Alfreedia Gregg-Glover has been charged with murder, felony murder, child abuse and filing a false police report. Furthermore, allegations have surfaced that Alexis, who had sickle cell anemia and other disabilities, was abused and neglected by Gregg-Glover during the months leading to her killing, and that neighbours and others who knew her reported incidents of abuse to the police and social services officials. As reported here in the Washington Post:

In the two years before her death in January, Lexie's school bus drivers and their attendants said they reported seeing her mother drive off with her in the trunk of her car. They also said Lexie went to the bus in the morning in her underwear and boarded the bus with physical injuries. Neighbors reported to police that she went to their house barely clothed and with a head wound, saying her mother had hit her with a stick.

In light of these allegations, a review has been ordered to investigate how well police department handled the case. According to the Washington Post, it will examine "all police actions, policies, and procedures related to this case," as well as "how the Department can better recognize situations of children in extreme need and to equip our officers with additional approaches and resources to assist in these types of cases".

As conveyed in earlier posts, Alexis was reported missing on January 7. Sadly, her body was found submerged in a shallow creek two days later. It is alleged that Gregg-Glover placed Alexis in the creek while she was still alive.