Monday, December 29, 2008

Monday round-up

A missing roll of quarters led a man with cerebral palsy in Columbia, Ohio, to discover that his caretaker had stolen thousands of dollars from him, 10TV reports.

The Associated Press/Washington Post reports that some patients throughout the nation's psychiatric hospitals are being locked up alone for years, including some that have been strapped down for more than a year. (h/t PatriciaEBauer)

Pennie Fuller, a deaf woman from Sebring in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, has won a discrimination lawsuit she filed against a hospital there, alleging it had intentionally discriminated against her on the basis of her disability.

Information about reported abuse and deaths at psychiatric hospitals in North Carolina that used to be public are now being blocked, according to this report from the News Observer.

Stephen Drake from over at Not Dead Yet has posted these thoughts about the recent acquittal of transplant surgeon Hootan Roozrokh on charges that he hastened the death of Ruben Navarro so as to procure his organs.

Cilla Sluga's most recent post, titled "A Whiff of Hope" is recommended reading.

New census data shows that more than 54 million Americans have a disability, according to this Reuters report.

Call Me 'Susan': People with disabilities have names, feelings, is the title of Susan Odgers op ed in Traverse City's (Michigan) Record Eagle. Susan Odgers' (who is a faculty member at Northwestern Michigan College and Grand Valley State University, a board member and past president of Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service Inc., and a wheelchair user) column will appear monthly.