Monday, December 01, 2008

Call for papers: Representing Disability and Emotion

From: Elizabeth Donaldson (via Penny Richards)

Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies
CFP Representing Disability and Emotion
Guest Edited by Catherine Prendergast and Elizabeth J. Donaldson

Several fields in the humanities including literary studies have
recently turned their attention to emotion, reconsidering its
traditional figuration as interior, private, and apolitical. This
work asks us to consider instead how emotions and affective
expressions are constructed, valued, performed, and regulated.

JLCDS encourages submissions that will put this burgeoning work on
emotion and affect into conversation with disability studies for a
special issue on Disability and Emotion. How does this new work on
emotion and affect take up or leave out disability in considering
pain, the body, and the psyche? How do certain emotional states or
affects become construed as impairments? How has disability been
emotionally configured in literary texts?

We especially encourage work that will examine and interrogate the
emotional politics of disability studies itself. Disability studies
has been founded on a moment of emotional reformation: The clarion
call of "No Pity" sought to arrest an emotional response and its
attendant politics. How has that clarion call both launched and
regulated the study of emotion in disability studies?

Proposals should be e-mailed to the guest editors Catherine
Prendergast (
and Elizabeth Donaldson
( before 1 May 2009.

The final typescripts will be due before 1 November 2009.

Further information is available on the JLCDS website.

Also available through Project MUSE