Monday, December 01, 2008

Justin Hamilton update

Dakota County, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - In early October, FRIDA reported on the kidnapping, assault and torture by four men and one woman of 24-year-old Justin Hamilton, who has developmental disabilities. According to reports in the Star Tribune and Pioneer Press, the female defendant, Natasha Dahn, 16, pleaded guilty last Wednesday to two-counts of kidnapping, third degree assault, and aggravated robbery in connection with assault of Mr Hamilton. Ms Dahn will serve 60 to 90 days in youth detention before spending a year in a residential counselling program. She will remain on probation until she turns 21, and is ordered to pay restitution and apologize to Mr Hamilton. She is also expected to testify against the four other defendants. Dahn admitted that she had lied to her boyfriend before the beatings, saying that Mr Hamilton had assaulted her; she and four men then lured him to a remote area where they tortured him "for hours" on October 10 and 11. As reported by FRIDA, Mr Hamilton was kicked and beaten more than 100 times, tied to a tree and burned repeatedly with a lighter. For earlier reports, see here and here.