Friday, December 05, 2008

Things to read #4

Disaboom has a post about a new UK film, Special People, which stars disabled actors and has caused a controversy because the British film classification board has given it a 12A rating warning people that it "contains disability themes." See also this post by the blogger over at Hoyden About Town and this report by the BBC.

Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - The ABC reports on the rejection of 8-year-old Magi Klages, who has autism, from the Girl Scouts special-needs troop, because, her parents were told, she was a "danger" to the group's other children who all have physical disabilities. (h/t to Media dis&dat)

The Los Angeles Times has this review of a new film, The Black Balloon, which revolves around the relationship between a 16-year-old teenager, Thomas, and his older brother, Charlie, who is autistic, has ADHD and is mute. The film, which opens this Friday (Dec 5), is directed by Australian filmmaker Elissa Down, whose youngest brother is autistic.

The Australian Center for Sexual Assault has recently released a report which identifies, amongst other things, the additional difficulties women with disabilities in Australia face in disclosing sexual crimes. The entire report is here.

Disabled? Watch this and you won't think so - The title of a thoughtful post over at What Sorts of People that reflects on a popular YouTube video featuring a dance piece by Chinese dancers Ma Li (spelling?), who lost her arm in a car accident, and Jai Shau Wai (spelling?), who lost his leg while still a child.

The Supreme Court of Canada has upheld a ruling requiring airlines to provide an extra seat to obese and disabled passengers. More here at Body Politic.