Friday, October 03, 2008

John L Horace: parole denied

Rochester, New York - The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports on the release of the July parole hearing for John L. Horace, 64, who is serving 8 1/3 to 25 years in prison in connection with the rape of a comatose patient at a Rochester nursing home more than a decade ago. This was his third bid for parole, and a three-person panel has refused to release him. The case became widely known when the woman he raped gave birth to a son in March 1996. She never came out of her coma and died in March 1997. It's noteworthy that Horace, who worked as a nurses aid at the nursing home, still claims that he did not have any sexual contact with the woman, but rather, that he artificially inseminated her in order to bring her out of her coma. According to Horace,

"Because she was my patient (at Westfall) I felt she should have the life to walk around like every other person," Horace told the Parole Board in July. "Having read books and studied what I studied in gynecology, that a trigger reaction could cause this lady to come out of this coma, at least probably talk if not walk."
While working at the nursing home, Horace also operated as a “sex therapist. He was charged with, and pleaded guilty, to performing gynecological exams without a medical license. Horace was also convicted of sexually assaulting another patient at the nursing home, a 48-year-old woman who had multiple sclerosis.

Horace's victim was known publicly as "Kathy." Kathy's son went to live with his maternal grandmother after his birth.