Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fall 2008 Issue of Disability Studies Quarterly is out now

The latest issue of Disability Studies Quarterly (the journal of the Society of Disability Studies) is out now, and it's now on-line and completely open-access (no passwords required). This issue includes a special feature on "Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom," co-edited by Dr. Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson (Miami University of Ohio), Dr. Margaret Price (Spelman College), and Dr. Amy Vidali (University of Colorado-Denver). Here is the table of contents:

Editors' Introduction < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139966#>

Scot Danforth and Brenda Brueggemann

Calls for Papers and Announcements < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139967#>

Peer-Reviewed Articles

How Will the Changeover to Digital Broadcasting in 2009 Influence the Accessibility of TV for Americans With Disabilities? < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139968#>

Robert Pedlow

Disability, Citizenship, and Uncivilized Society: The Smooth and Nomadic Qualities of Self-advocacy < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139969#>

Griet Roets and Dan Goodley

'I Don't Think I'm the Right Person For That': Theoretical and Institutional Questions about a Combined Credential Program < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139970#>

Kathryn Young

Cultural Commentary Cultural Commentary: Trig or Treat? The 2008 Election, Sarah Palin, and Teaching Disability < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139971#>

Laura Mauldin

Creative Writing Excerpts from Cripple Poetics: A Love Story < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139972#>

Petra Kuppers and Neil Marcus

Two Poems < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139973#>

Daniel Simpson

Two < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139974#>

Catherine Cole

Book & Film Reviews

Tobin Siebers, Disability Theory < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139975#>

Michael Davidson

Fleshing out the Field: The University of Michigan's Corporealities Series < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139976#>

Krista Paradiso, Nicholas Hetrick, Alina Bennett, and Tiffany Anderson

Agent Orange: A Personal Requiem < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139977#>

Sarah Boslaugh

Carol Poore, Disability in Twentieth-Century German Culture < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139978#>

Justin J.W. Powell

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part One: Introduction Introduction: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139979#>

Amy Vidali, Margaret Price, and Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Two: Disability Studies as Agent of Change Vision, Passion, and Action: Reflections on Learning to Do Disability Studies in the Classroom and Beyond < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139980#>

Jennifer Paterson, Jessica Hogan, and Heather Willis

The Mobius Strip: Team Teachers Reflecting on Disability Studies and Critical Thinking < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139981#>

Joy Cypher and Deb Martin

Questioning Representations of Disability in Adolescent Literature: Reader Response Meets Disability Studies < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139982#>

Valerie Struthers Walker, Tara Mileski, Dana Greaves, and Lisa Patterson

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Three: Reflections on Disability "Before and After," "Self Inventory," and "Self Reflection" < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139983#>

Erin Lower and Diane Driedger

Reflections on Sociology of Disability Course < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139984#>

Kathryn Burris and Sharon Dale Stone

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Four: Researching and Writing a Disability Perspective Globalization and the Black Market Organ Trade: When Even a Kidney Can't Pay the Bills < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139985#>

Karen Hudson and Elizabeth A. Wheeler

The Nature of Risk: HIV/AIDS and the Deaf Community in the United States < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139986#>

Margot Moinester, Steve Gulley, and Samantha Watson

What Makes Mr. Hyde So Scary?: Disability as a Result of Evil and Cause of Fear < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139987#>

Sami Schalk and Kerry Powell

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Five: Writing Autism in the College Curriculum Autistic Acceptance, the College Campus, and Technology: Growth of Neurodiversity in Society and Academia < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139988#>

Scott Michael Robertson and Ari Daniel Ne'eman

Inclusion vs. Seclusion: A Review of Looking After Louis by Lesley Ely < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139989#>

Hila Hirad and Amy Vidali

Autism: The Lived Experience < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139990#>

Kerry Bowen and Chris Foss

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Six: Intersections with Gender and Sexuality Disability and Gender in Ken Kesey's One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139991#>

Caroline Leach and Stuart Murray

Resistance Training: Re-reading Fat Embodiment at a Women's Gym < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139992#>

Margaret Shalma and Rod Michalko

Let's Talk About Sex ... And Disability Baby! < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139993#>

Megan Albertz and Cynthia Lewiecki-Wilson

Threads of Commonality in Transgender and Disability Studies < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139994#>

Ashley Mog and Amanda Swarr

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Seven: Disability Autobiography and Representation Drawn Out of Dejection < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139995#>

Timile Brown and Margaret Price

Heading to the Big Show: The Story of a Disabled College Undergraduate < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139996#>

Anthony Jackson

Three Legs of a Bedroom Life < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139997#>

Alan L. Samry

A Disability Awareness Poster Contest at Bronx Community College of The City University of New York (CUNY) and Caraballo's poster ("Not Fragile") (JPG image) < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139998#>

Julia Rodas and Carmen Caraballo

Special Topic: Disability Studies in the Undergraduate Classroom, Part Eight: Accessing Spaces and Histories Opening the Door to Higher Education: The Rights of the Intellectually Different to Access and Peace < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225139999#>

Steve Sunderland

Participatory Research on Universal Design and Accessible Space at the University of Arizona < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225140000#>

Nick Rattray, Sarah Raskin, and Jackie Cimino

Snapshots in Review < inate&view=body&content-type=html_1&handle=osul.dsq/1225140001#>