Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Congratulations, Anne Jennings

Seventeen-year-old Anne Jennings was selected homecoming queen by her classmates at Libertyville High School, Chicago, earlier this month. There are fabulous photos of Ms Jennings, who has Down syndrome, and her "magical homecoming" here, and a story by the Chicago Tribune here:

Now that she's royalty, Anne Jennings dances down the hallways, bursts into excited giggles and hugs her BFFs, or "best friends forever," without warning. Of course, she did pretty much all those things before being named homecoming queen at Libertyville High School, but somehow, life has become more magical.

As a 17-year-old with Down syndrome, the senior "has been walking on air" since being crowned this month."Before, I was just plain me," said Jennings, selected by student vote out of 17 nominated girls. "When I was queen, it changed. It's amazing. Everyone loves me. I love me.

"Her mother's videotape of the Oct. 3 school assembly when her daughter was crowned says it all. After Jennings learned that she was among the top five members of the court, the video images began shaking. By the time the crown was placed on Jennings' head, the background noise boomed with the sounds of students cheering wildly.
See also Aledo High seniors pick classmate with Down syndrome as homecoming queen, which reports on the recent selection of Kristen Pass as Aledo High (Dallas, Texas) homecoming queen.