Friday, December 28, 2007

We've Been on Break, But the Struggle's Still On!

It's been that vacation kinda time of year again, FRIDAwatchers, but the struggle continues. Are you ready for a new year of resistance? I am!

Linda from Rochester NY has been watching the disability radar across the US and forwarded a couple of important stories to watch. Many thanks to Linda. See, keeping an eye on the news and doing some web surfing is how we know where people are struggling. I cannot stress how important that is. If we can locate the places of struggle, then we can think, as a community, of ways to try to right the wrongs being done.

In particular, we need to bring forward the cases where women with disabilities are facing struggle. It doesn't have to be brought forward on this site, but somewhere (although hopefully we'd hear about it!). It is SILENCE that is holding us back from living the lives we are capable of living, and you never know when someone else's issue will become your own personal issue. Doesn't mean you gotta be a loudmouth, but speak out in whatever way you know how.

I will post the links to Linda's stories in just a couple of minutes. See the rest of today's postings for the stories.