Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Open Wide Tours New Prentice Hospital

Wow! If you are a woman with a physical disability / condition then the new Prentice Hospital is made just for you. They have beds and examing tables that lower almost to the floor. They have lifting equipment to help move you from your chair to table / bed. Unfortunately, if you are a woman who is , blind or deaf or hard of hearing you will have a very hard time receiving services from Prentice.

Open Wide subcommitte as promised toured the New Prentice Women's Hospital we were greeted by 3 tour guides for 6 Frida members and 1 friend of a member. They provided an interpeter. We began right away with alot of questions pretaining to accessibility. They were not prepared for our questions. Alot of our questions were directed to the Patient Representitative who later came out to address our concerns. She had no answers to any of the questions pretaining to blind or deaf or hard of hearing accessibility. She even went as far as saying that no one answers the TTY calls, they never even heard of a VPS service. We kept pushing for an in house intepreter and a disability liason but their response was very common that its too expensive. It was very frustrating to hear once again that inclusive doesn't pertain to all women with disabilities. Our guides recognized our discontent and agreed to an ongoing conversation about the lack of accessibility for all women. We exchanged cards and agreed to follow up.