Monday, December 17, 2007

New Crip Women's Site and Other Biz

Hi folks, we don't announce every new addition to our list of blogs, but today we added For Disabled Women ( under our feminist resources at the right of the page. This site is being created by some of our crip sisters and is brand new, so I wanted to direct some traffic over there. Go check them out!

In addition, I'd like to invite anyone who has been reading this blog to go ahead and comment or ask questions!! I heard a woman recently say that she reads this blog but was too shy to comment. This is a community forum and anyone is welcome to comment. Pretty much the only thing that I (as one of the moderators) try to block is blatant spam advertising. If you look through the site, we definitely have allowed comments that we don't agree with. It is important to know what people are thinking and to talk about issues. You can even request that FRIDA bloggers talk about issues you want to discuss. So, give it a shot. You don't have to be disabled to comment! Or even a good speller! We're not looking for any kind of certificate. ;)

We expect that posting will slow down on this site through the New Year, but who knows? Even as many of us celebrate various winter holidays at this time, I want to ask you to remember those of our disabled brothers and sisters for whom the holidays can be a very stressful and difficult time. Please take some time to make sure that the people in your life feel loved, relaxed and appreciated. Some of our people don't have families and some of our people don't have homes. Some of our people are in hospitals. So, not only at this time of year but all year round, help us all give meaning to the words "disability community" by doing whatever you can to make sure folks know they are not alone.

And finally as 2007 begins winding down to a close, thank you all for this tremendous year we've had! FRIDA is looking forward to several FRIDAlicious activities planned for 2008 and we hope YOU will join us, either in person or online.