Sunday, December 09, 2007

DNR on Wheelchair for Second Grader with Cerebral Palsy

Schools ponder role as child nears death
Kids' Do Not Resuscitate orders prompt debate
By Jeff Long
Tribune staff reporter
December 9, 2007

As the school bus rolled to a stop outside her Lake County home, Beth Jones adjusted the bright yellow document protruding from the pouch of her daughter's wheelchair, making sure it was clearly visible.

In bold letters it warned, "Do Not Resuscitate."The DNR order goes everywhere with Katie, including her 2nd-grade classroom at Laremont School in Gages Lake. The school is part of the Special Education District of Lake County, where an emotional two-year discussion ended this summer when officials agreed to honor such directives.

Now, district officials find themselves in the unusual position of having planned the steps its staff will, or won't, take to permit a child to die on school grounds.

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