Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tell The Candidates Disability Matters!!

via the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)


Contact the candidates' campaigns. Tell them that knowing where the candidates stand on disability rights is important to you. Ask them to have the candidates respond to the ADAPT / AAPD / NCIL/ SABE list of questions that was sent to them earlier this year and to send responses electronically to Anne Sommers at

Also urge them to attend the presidential candidate disability forum happening in New Hampshire on November 2. Tell them thecandidates received invitations already and Senator Dodd has already confirmed. If they say they have not yet received any of the information you reference, offer to provide them with a copy of the cover letter and the questions, and be prepared to fax, email, or hard copymail it to them. You can find a list of candidates, the cover letter, the list ofquestions, and information about the disability forum at:

If they need more information about the New Hampshire event, ask them to contact Anne Sommers at AAPD at (202) 457-0046 or by email: