Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"Selective Parenting" Discussed at Bioethics Forum

A particularly sticky and contentious issue for feminists with disabilities is the idea of "selective abortion," sometimes referred to as "selective parenting," as in the article at the link below.


This article is basically academic folks trying to argue out lines of reasoning...but there are some significant points, such as the actual discussion of a social model and social context for disability, and an understanding of systemic social oppression and the role of moms. In addition, WHO the authors are is worth noting. Alice Dreger is a well-known scholar who is best known for her work on intersex issues. Joe Stramondo is a PhD student studying ethics and medicine...who also happens to be a little person (and a feminist). In my own opinion, I think it is of significance to our movement to have people with disabilities actually pushing the academic envelope and becoming allies with people whose work involves groups with issues related to ours, such as intersex.

And I naturally have to be a pain in the neck and ask...what do the academics have to do with our movement, anyway? It's not like a lot of you out there haven't thought about this. ;) While there are a lot of answers/arguments about this, from my own time being hooked into academia and also from spending time with people who devote themselves to scholarly work, I think scholars can help us frame what we want to say (or not) a lot better. Ideas reverberate.

So...is Alice and Joe's article something ya feminists out there agree with, or not? Whatcha think? We FRIDA folks REALLY want to know what you think of this topic.