Saturday, October 13, 2007

At Last, the Book on Junius Wilson

You can order it from Amazon here:

Many folks who read this blog know who Junius Wilson was, but for those who don't, folks, the Gimp Parade blogged about him last year at:

The story of Junius Wilson, who was not only incarcerated in an institution for decades but castrated as well, is an important reminder that in our fight to maintain bodily integrity, we are not only talking about the bodies of girls, but the bodies of all people, of all colors.

It is a violation of your human rights to remove/alter your body parts without your direct consent and when medically unnecessary. Perhaps there are exceptions to the rule, you might ask? My response is: there are no exceptions. Only barriers. We've got to figure out how to get those social barriers down. Attitudes, supports, funding, whatever it takes.

While the cases of young girls with disabilities have caught much media attention this year, the fact is that gynecological mutilation is visited upon, has been visited upon, uncounted numbers of people through history without their consent. Our people. People are more important than systems, right? Systems should serve the people...people shouldn't be slaves to the systems!

The story of Junius Wilson also serves as a reminder that the history of the Deaf community and the history of disabled people share important connections. Why is it that so much of our suffering comes out of the fact that people don't understand us or don't listen to what we say?

Vive la differance. Down with ableism!