Saturday, October 20, 2007

Melbourne Abusers' Parents Blame Victim with Disability in "C--- The Movie"

Last year, a group of boys in Melbourne, Australia, made a movie that combined some of the worst aspects of human behavior: rape, humiliation, exploitation, mortal danger. They called this "C--- The Movie" and sold it on the streets. The police found it and the story erupted into a huge scandal in Australia. One of their victims? A teenage girl with a developmental disability. For the full story, check out Wikipedia at

But to pile injustice on injustice, Linda of FRIDA found a story that claims the parents of one of the boys believes the girl was partly to blame for what happened to her. See

The entire story makes me want to throw up.

It makes me want to vomit not only because it happened that one time in Australia, but because stuff like this happens every day, all over the world. A boy with autism is beaten by his classmates. A girl with a cognitive disability is mocked and her clothes stolen in a locker room. People are raped and pimped and mutilated. People are taught to mimic the behaviors of their abusers. It happens in my city. It happens in yours.