Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The killing of Donna Slater: an update

Grange Grove, Texas - Further to my post of March 10 about the stabbing death of 46-year-old Donna Slater, WKRG-TV has reported that 44-year-old Johnny Lee Townsend and 41 year old Joe Anthony Loggins have been charged with her murder. According to the report, Ms Slater, who had spina bifida and used a wheelchair, knew her killers and them into her house; their intention, it is said, was robbery:

Jackson County Sheriff Mike Byrd didn't say what led to their arrests, but he did say, "She (Slater) knew them and they were let into the house."

Byrd believes the two may have done some work around (Slater's) house in the past. When asked if Townsend and Loggins have prior criminal records, Byrd said, "They do, but I'm not at liberty to disclose that."

The sheriff said both were on probation, but wouldn't say for what. Byrd said, "Robbery was the intent here, the motive. I can't go into anything else other than the murder took place after the robbery."

Authorities said Slater's purse was stolen and later found on a nearby road.

Townsend and Loggins, who appeared before a judge last Thursday, were denied bond and are both being held in the Jackson County Adult Detention Center.

Ms Slater, who lived in the home with her teenage son, whom her parents now hope to raise, was found by her father, who lives next door.

An earlier report is here.