Wednesday, April 29, 2009

91 ADAPT activists arrested at protest for community care at the White House

An excerpt from ADAPT's Action Report:

Ninety-one ADAPT activists were arrested April 27, many chained and handcuffed to the front White House fence, showing their anger at the Obama Administration’s failure to include long-term services and supports in health care reform.

Ten ADAPT members met with Counselor to the President and Director of the White House Office of Health Reform, Nancy-Ann DeParle, earlier in the day and were angered that the Obama Administration was not supporting change.

“They said very clearly that they would rather see people with disabilities in institutions, that they would leave them there, because there were higher priorities for this Administration,” said Bruce Darling from Rochester, “this is a civil rights issue and they need to see this as a civil rights issue. No other group of people get locked up in institutions and nursing homes just because of who they are... We are making it clear to the President that this is not acceptable.”

Darling characterized the Administration health care policy as “betrayal.”ADAPT demands the Community Choice Act (S683 and HR1670) be included as part of the overall health care reform package. The White House response seems to prioritize restructuring health insurance and missing the very critical component of long-term services and supports. About 85% of Americans acquire their disabilities and if our
health care policy stops at the hospital, it means thousands of citizens will not get the services they need to remain in the community and in the workforce.
The rest of the report, which includes lots of photos of the protest, is here. Other media reports are here, here and here.