Thursday, April 16, 2009

Justin Hamilton torture case: an update

Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA - Further to my posts in October and December 2008 about the kidnapping, assault and torture by four men and one woman of 24-year-old Justin Hamilton, who has developmental disabilities, the Star Tribune has reported that 20-year-old John Maniglia pleaded guilty on Tuesday to his role in the attack:

As jury selection in his trial was about to begin, John M. Maniglia pleaded guilty to one count each of kidnapping, third-degree assault and theft. He faces at least eight years in prison, twice the recommended sentence.
As reported earlier by FRIDA, Mr Hamilton was kidnapped on two successive days and s kicked and beaten more than 100 times, tied to a tree and burned repeatedly with a lighter. In November, Maniglia's 16-year-old girlfriend, Natasha Dahn, who provoked the beating by lying to Maniglia and others, claiming that Hamilton had hit her, pleaded guilty to four felonies in exchange for extended juvenile jurisdiction. Three other men, Johnathon Diepold, age 22, Glen Ries, 34, and Timothy Ketterling, 22, are scheduled for jury trial on April 27, May 11, and June 22 respectively for various charges in connection with the attack, including kidnapping, theft, third degree assault and false imprisonment. Maniglia will be formally sentenced on June 15.

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