Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Reporting abuse in Iowa

DSobsey over at ICAD has written this post about a story in the DesMoine Register that reports, amongst other things, about the sacking of a health care worker two days after she reported on the abuse of an elderly resident at the Montrose Health Center in Southeast Iowa, where she worked. According to the DesMoines Register:

Laura Washburn thought she was doing the right thing when she told state inspectors about the abuse of an elderly resident at the Iowa nursing home where she worked.

But Washburn was fired a few days after making the report. Her boss at Montrose Health Center accused her of trying to intimidate a co-worker into giving state inspectors information about the alleged abuse. The co-worker, who has admitted under oath that she downplayed her report to the state to protect the nursing home, has since been promoted.

The story suggests, as DSobsey notes in his post, that the protection of health-care workers who report dependant-abuse continues to be a major problem across the United States, "despite mandatory reporting laws in 44 states".

His full post is here.