Monday, January 12, 2009

Alexis Glover's death has been ruled a homicide

The death on Friday of thirteen-year-old Alexis Glover in Manassas, Virginia, has been ruled a homicide, according to MSNBC. As reported in earlier posts by FRIDA, Alexis, who was also known as "Lexie," was last seen last Wednesday at the Central Library in Manassas. Her body was found on Friday afternoon in a creek bed eight miles away.

Alexis' family has said in recent day that Alexis was autistic and suffered from sickle cell anemia as well. Her mother, Freedia Glover, who adopted Alexis when she was six-years-old, said that she had run away before and that she liked to hide from the people searching for her. Because Alexis had a history of running away, she was fitted with a GPS tracking bracelet. But apparently, she would slip it off; on Wednesday, sheriff's deputies found Lexie's bracelet on the ground not far from the library within 20 minutes of receiving word that she was missing. Her body was found on Friday about 12:30 p.m. by a man who was out for a walk. She was submerged in about 2 feet of water.

According to WJLA News this morning, police say there are no suspects in the disappearance and killing of Alexis and it's still not known how she died.

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