Monday, August 11, 2008

Negligent Homicide Verdict

This report via ICAD

The Tuscon Citizen reports Diane Lynn Marsh, 41, was convicted of negligent homicide and four counts of child abuse, in the death of her 5-year old son, Brandon Williams, who had autism. The jury did not register any decision on the first-degree murder charge against Marsh, leaving open the possibility that she could be retried on that charge.

Evidence presented at the trial indicated that the child died from a severe blow to the head resulting in a 3.5 inch skull fracture. Autopsy results suggested the fatal injury had occurred in the 24 hour prior to the boys death but found there were also signs of previous injuries. He had also been tied to his bedposts, overdosed with medication, and scaled with hot water. He had numerous burn scars on various parts of his bodies and the burns on his feet were infected. Ms. Marsh is expected to be sentenced on September 2nd.