Thursday, August 14, 2008

Eugenics 2008? The deportation of Lucy Chapman

That's the title of this post over at What Sorts of People about 7-year-old Lucy Chapman: as reported earlier, Lucy Chapman and her parents were deported from Canada in July, 2008, because, her parents claim, Lucy has a disability.

Here is part of Professor Sobsey's post about the case:

When Mr. and Mrs. Chapman, both former police officers, arrived in Canada with their two Children to move into their newly purchased home in Fall River, Nova Scotia in July, 2008, however, they were turned away.

The story has received considerable coverage in the UK and quote the Chapmans who claim the Immigration Official explicitly told them that they were being denied because their daughter’s disability meant they were banned for life.


Canadian News sources have not given the story much coverage and Canadian officials claim that the couple was deported for other reasons but refuse to specify those reasons. See, the following story, for Canadian coverage. Brit family being deported but the question is why: Family thinks it’s because their child is disabled; MP told there’s more to it

Canadians and people with disabilities need a proper explanation. If there is no truth to these allegations, the air needs to be cleared. If there is even a bit of truth, it needs to be told and something needs to change. It is shame that it took a Supreme Court Decision in 2005 to get this policy changed, but it would be much greater shame if Canada continued to deft the court ruling through deceit.

This is only part of a much longer post. The full post is here...