Friday, August 01, 2008

Frida links

for the week 07/25/2008 to 08/1/2008

Charges were filed this week against a Sarasota (Fl) elementary school teacher who is accused of abusing her special education students. According to police, there were dozens of instances in which the woman kicked, slapped and hit her students.

Michigan's hate crime law would broaden to include gays, lesbians and people with disabilities under changes urged by civil rights groups, the Detroit Free Press reports. The changes will be debated during the fall.

"In Switzerland, an easier path for the disabled" is the title of this NPR story. (h/t to Media dis&dat)

A Government inquiry has found that people with learning disabilities across England are not treated fairly by the NHS. According to the inquiry's Chairperson, "existing guidelines and laws - such as the Disability Discrimination Act - aimed at making sure people with learning disabilities got equal treatment were not being followed."

Two posts by Kristina Chew over at Austism Vox: Home-care Worker Caught Abusing Autistic Man and Strapped to a Toilet in a Darkened Room.

Two care home nurses in Glasgow (UK) have been suspended over allegations that elderly residents were tortured and sexually abused, the Sunday Mail reports.

"Out, proud and disabled" via Media dis&dat.