Thursday, May 01, 2008

"No justice for Virginia citizen with psychiatric label battered by police in her own home"

That's the title of this post by Hymes over at Charlottesville Prejudice about the incredulous story of Janace Johnson, an African American, 60-year-old woman with a psychiatric illness who, according to this report, sustained a "broken nose, a busted lip, a black eye, broken dentures and other bruises" by sheriff's deputies while she was in her own home, and later, at a Virginia Beach jail.

Johnson is suing the the police officers who bruised and battered her, and we will know in a couple of weeks whether her case will go before a jury. But why, asks Hymes, is she not also suing her doctor, who advised her family to call police rather than try to help her?

Read Hymes post in full here.

The BrownWatch also has a follow-up story on Janace Johnson.