Sunday, May 25, 2008

About Comment Moderation

Hi folks, if you have been commenting on the FRIDA site, please know that your comments are moderated and are approved as we can get to them. If there are major delays, we apologize---we do this in between jobs and home life. I have heard some complaints that "Blogger doesn't like me"---it would help to know more precisely what folks are having trouble with when making comments. We do appreciate your comments and pretty much approve everything except spam.

If you need to contact FRIDA, please use the form at our website: in the Contact Us section. You can also e-mail me, Amber at ambity(at) (please note that spam LOVES me so I am using the parentheses instead of @).

So, we're not perfect, but we do care about all our readers and about folks having a voice. Dang technology...