Tuesday, May 06, 2008

In Memoriam: Harlan Hahn (1939 - 2008)

There are numerous posts this morning reporting on the death of activist Harlan D. Hahn, a leading authority on disability rights and a faculty member at University of Southern California College for 35 years. He was 68. Although I didn't know him personally, many of his articles have been required reading during my feminist-disability studies graduate coursework.

Here are some links to some of Harlan Hahn's on-line writings (via Penny Richards at Disability Studies, Temple University):

"Toward a Politics of Disability: Definitions, Disciplines, and Policies"
"Good Jobs, Good Benefits (but not for disabled workers)" at Ragged Edge (2006)
"Love, Sex, and Disability: Maintaining Interest and Intimacy" (transcript of a conference appearance with Sharon Bacharach)

And a link to a USC Public Relations remembrance by Pamela J. Johnson.

Finally, Beth Haller over at Media Dis&dat has posted this recollection.

RIP, Harlan Hahn.