Monday, May 07, 2007

The Latest on Emilio: Tomorrow's the Day

A message from Bob Kafka of Not Dead Yet Texas:


The life and death struggle of Emilio is now in the hands of the Court. There will be a hearing on Tuesday, May 8th at 9am , Court House, Room 201 (Between 11th and 12th St just west of Gualadupe) Austin, Texas.

We need to pack the hearing room to show support for Emilio. The legal issues are complex but it is believed if Emilio had a tracheotomy he could leave the hospital and be with his mother and die in a more dignified setting.

If you are on a respirator or your child is, please come to the Court House and show that living on a respirator in the community is possible.

If you support the rights of people with significant disabilities please attend this hearing.

This is a human and disability rights issue. Doctors should not be able to override our expressed wishes.

Ironically the Catholic Church (Sisters of Charity run the hospital) and the Austin Bishop are supporting the killing of Emiliio. Orwellian speak has made them describe treatment of Emilio as "prolonging dying" rather than what it is "infanticide". Protecting the zygote seems more important than protection of the life of a 17 month child.

Doctors are not infallible and should not play _ _ _!

Please come to the Court House on Tuesday and support Emilio