Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Growth Attenuation Symposium in Seattle: See the Webcast!!!

Starting at 8:30 am PST on Wednesday May 16, there will be a webcast of a symposium on the ethics of growth attenuation....at Children's Hospita in Seattle! Check it out at:


FRIDA was not made aware of this until this past Monday. However, there will be disability representation in the audience for sure and it sounds like maybe a few panelists as well.

Not only that but here in Chicago there is a panel on growth attenuation at Schwab at 8:30 am CST...also a late breaking news item.

It's AMAZING that hospitals are having these discussions! Personally, I can only say that the debate is a good thing in and of itself...but we MUST be hearing from disability voices!!! Any hospitals planning on holding similar forums, please do your best to locate disability advocates who can speak to why so many in our community have taken issue with the "Ashley Treatment." It is a civil rights issue for so many of us and those we live with. We have to communicate because if we don't then none of us can truly be partners with each other.

Please notify FRIDA of any hospital ethics forums that you may know of that have already or will have occurred...I would ike to keep track of where discussions are taking place.

Thank you.