Sunday, May 20, 2007

Emilio Gonzales Passes Away, Saturday, May 19, 2007

Via Not Dead Yet, FRIDA has learned that Emilio Gonzales passed away at around 7 pm Saturday, May 19. He died of natural causes with no withdrawal or denial of treatment.

Emilio's mom has temporarily made arrangements for Emilio's funeral. If she can come up with $4500, the services will begin Monday night, with visitation continuing on Tuesday morning, and the Mass and burial will be Wednesday morning.

Catarina Gonzales and her family need help to cover the funeral expenses. Her sister, Dora Gonzales, is receiving donations for assistance. Jerri Ward, Catarina's attorney, is accepting donations payable to Dora Gonzales, and these gifts can be sent to Dora in care of Jerri Ward, Garlo Ward, PC, 505 East Huntland Drive, Suite 335, Austin, TX 78752. Gifts should be earmarked for Emilio's burial.

Texas Right to Life will also forward donations for funeral expenses. Contact Elizabeth Graham, Director, Texas Right to Life, 713 299 4297 cell, or send checks marked for Emilio's burial to 6776 Southwest Freeway Suite 430 Houston, Tx 77074.

We of FRIDA offer our sincere condolences to Emilio's family and are thankful that he was able to pass without being under denial of treatment. We hope that his mother finds comfort in thinking of the many disability rights allies, including many readers of this blog, who sought to aid in whatever ways they could.

We encourage you to leave your comments and thoughts on this website, or post on other websites, and most especially we encourage you to write your thoughts to your local papers to make sure that the nation thinks long and hard about why this family had to fight this fight with the State of Texas and the medical establishment.