Monday, June 15, 2009

Hundreds of workers admonished for ill-treating residents at Texas institutions

The Associated Press has obtained information about abuse, neglect and other conditions at Texas institutions for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities showing that 268 workers were fired or suspended for mis-treating residents in 2008. According to the Associated Press (June 13, 2009), during the same period, 53 residents died from conditions the Department of Justice considered preventable, "indicating lapses in proper care." The documents obtained by the AP also show that 11 of the firings or suspensions were considered serious because they invovled physical or sexual abuse that caused or may have caused serious physical injury.
The revelations come a day after Gov. Rick Perry signed legislation aimed at improving security and oversight at the 13 institutions, known as state schools. They are home to about 4,600 residents and more than 12,000 full-time employees.
The full article can be read here.