Monday, February 16, 2009

David Coronado: an update

A few weeks ago, FRIDA reported on the case of David Coronado, a 6-month-old boy who suffered severe brain and spinal injuries as a result of parental abuse. Initially, David's court appointed guardian had requested that his life-support be removed, but that hearing was cancelled due to "a change in his condition". Last Friday (Feb. 13) there was some good news: the Dallas Morning News reported that David's condition has improved and he is now breathing on his own. Here is an excerpt:
Just last month, attorneys were considering whether to withdraw life support from 7-month-old David Coronado Jr., whose parents are accused of inflicting scars too numerous to count.

Now the brain-damaged Dallas boy is breathing on his own, and authorities are looking into who might eventually get custody of David should he survive.

"He is off life support at this time, but the prognosis is still uncertain," Michael Kotwal, an attorney representing Child Protective Services, told a judge Friday morning at a status hearing in Dallas County juvenile district court.

"We're asking for about 90 days to see exactly what's going to happen," Kotwal said. "And possibly if there's any – not that the child is ready to be moved or transferred to any kind of relative placement – but if the child's condition does improve and that becomes an option, we need some time to explore the possibilities."

It's noteworthy that, according to the report, the court-appointed guardian who originally petitioned for the removal of David's life-support did not return a call for comment on Friday.

Thoughts are with you, David.