Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Action Alert: Offensive autism advertising in the Action for Children ad campaign

Many bloggers are writing posts protesting the imagery and message of the Dan the Autistic Monster advertisement by the UK charity Action for Children. For information/critiques/analyses of the ads and links to further analyses and information about action alerts, see posts here and here by Shiva from over at Biodiverse Resistance and this post by abfh at Whose Planet Is It Anyway. This is a link to an action alert started by the Autistic Self Advocy Network (ASAN) and here is a link to a video of the advertisement. Below is a small excerpt from this post by abfh, entitled Destroying the Intolerance Monster:

A charity in the UK called Action for Children has created a truly appalling short film called Dan's Story, which is being shown on TV as an advertisement. It depicts a boy as having been eaten by a wicked autism monster and suggests that the monster must be destroyed. Several bloggers already have written about this horrid imagery, including Mike Stanton, Socrates, Bev, Sharon, and Shiva.

The ASAN campaign ends on Apr 25.