Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Woman living in backyard shed

Redwood City, California - When San Mateo County Sheriff's deputies responded to a family disturbance last week, they found a 58-year-old woman, “Amelia,” who has developmental disabilities, living in a shed in the back yard, because, she told police, there was no room for her inside the home which housed her brother, her sister, and seven pitbull terriers. As reported by KARE 11 TV:
San Mateo County authorities say there were no signs of abuse or starvation, or that the woman was being held against her will.

What troubles them the most is how the 58-year-old woman named "Amelia" lived compared to her brother and sister who lived in the home in front of her shed.

They have running water. They don’t sit on a tiny little, almost child’s commode to do their personal needs. They have electricity and real heat, not a space heater on a frayed wire,” said Steve Wagstaffe of the San Mateo District Attorney’s Office.

Sheriff’s deputies arrested Amelia’s sister and brother for grand theft on charges they used her $700 per month Social Security check on themselves instead for her.