Friday, November 28, 2008

Things to read #3

This story from ABC in Los Angeles - Larae Ransom, a 25 year old woman with paraplegia, claims that a Greyhound bus driver repeatedly refused to lower the bus lift to allow her to use a restroom for six hours on a trip to Las Vegas. Another witness appears on a news tape supporting the fact that the driver failed to lower the lift for Ms Ransom. H/t to Ruth over at Wheelchair Catholic.

Dear ADA generation - Ms Crip Chick considers arguments both in support of and against Micah Fialka-Feldman's fight to live on his university's campus in the context of the ada generation and disability activism/solidarity.

Woman in wheelchair sued after being hit by a truck - it's reported that the woman, who was hit by a landscaper's pick-up truck while crossing an intersection, is being sued for damages to the truck.

Mother wants to limit voting for people with developmental disabilities - the woman, who unsuccessfully challenged her son's ballot, wants to change the law so people with developmental disabilities can't vote with supervision.

A British teen has won the right to refuse a heart transplant - via the BBC.