Friday, September 26, 2008

To Do or Not to Do: That is the Question...

What does it take to ramp up the feminist disability rights movement? Starting this Sunday, I'd like to invite you to every-so-often visit my new blog over at This fall, I'm working on a project to find out what women with disabilities think we need to know to take make CHANGE. Thanks to a really cool grant from the Chicago Foundation for Women (and yes, I had to go through a big old application process for it), I am traveling to about twelve cities to talk with women with disabilities. If I am coming to your town, I would love to hear from you and can be contacted through the blog.

Here are the cities I will visit: Seoul, South Korea; Austin, TX; Houston, TX; Missoula, MT; Washington, DC; New York City; Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA; Tucson, AZ.

I want to express my deep appreciation however for Linda's posting to this blog. Without people like Linda, so many of us would know so little about the crimes visited against women and men with disabilities. I really hope that those who visit this blog take away new knowledge from what Linda posts. And I really hope that we can somehow reach out, connect, and fight ways to fight our oppression.

Will my trip actually help bui.d the feminist disability rights movement? Maybe, maybe not. If some action happens as a result, that would be fabulous. If it does not, then we know we need to try something different. In the spring, I will coordinate feminist disability rights oranizing trainings in a few different cities, so check back for more info on those as well.

In solidarity,