Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Caregivers arrested for abusing a couple with developmental disabilities

Portland, Oregon - The Seattle Times reports that a Portland couple have been arrested in connection with the robbery, coercion and abuse of a couple with developmental disabilities for over three years. After a two month investigation, Taryn Anderson, 51, and Daniel Anderson, 51, have been accused of defrauding Charles and Tammy Whitworth of St. Louis of more than $50,000 in pension and Social Security payments. They are also accused of psychological and physical abuse, including strangulation, assaults, and dog bites. According to a KPTV report, Mr and Mrs Whitworth

were forced to perform chores. If they didn't they were choked and beaten, police said.

Officials said the Andersons also allowed their dogs to bite the couple.

The Andersons would also force Mr Whitworth to bite his wife, it is reported.

According to The Seattle Times, the couples first met in Missouri in 2006.

The Whitworths were living in a house on their own when the Andersons offered to care for them. The couples left town about six months later.

Although their relatives knew they were in Oregon, they didn't know where. They hired an investigator to find them, but without success.

Daniel Anderson faces 31 counts of criminal mistreatment, 22 counts of theft, three counts of strangulation, seven counts of assault, seven accounts of harassment and four counts of coercion.

Taryn Anderson faces 26 counts of criminal mistreatment, 22 counts of theft, three counts of assault, two counts of criminal mischief, and two counts of harassment and coercion.

Mr and Mrs Whitworth have sinced returned home to Missouri.

There is a KPTV video of the investigation, which includes interviews with neighbours, here .....