Monday, June 16, 2008

Parents sue school district for not protecting their daughter

The parents of a sixth-grade girl with autism are filing a lawsuit against the Fort Wayne Community Schools, on the grounds that the district failed to protect their daughter.

As reported in The Journal Gazette (Fort Wayne, Indiana), the girl, a special education student, was allegedly sexually molested by another student on two occasions on April 25, 2007, during a classroom movie session, according to court documents.

After each incident the girl told her teachers, school principal and bus driver about what had happened, the document said.

When the girl’s mother called school officials, she said she was told that an “incident happened at school … but nothing had occurred and that the student’s hormones were involved,” according to court documents.

"The girl’s family is seeking damages for her emotional suffering, medical and psychological treatment, and payment for the expense of attending another school, according to court documents."

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