Friday, June 13, 2008

Frida links

for the week 6/6/2008 to 6/13/2008

The state Supreme Court (Wisconsin) will allow a tape recording of a school bus driver threatening to beat a boy with Down syndrome as evidence in a child abuse case, the Associated Press reports.

In an incident that highlights the ethical problems doctors face in deciding when an organ donor is really dead, a man whose heart stopped beating woke up just as transplant surgeons were about to remove his organs for donation.

A women with multiple sclerosis in the United Kingdom has won the right to mount a challenge to the High Court to force the country's top prosecutor to clarify the law on assisted suicide, the UK Press Association reports.

Mary Lee Brookshire, who worked to improve the live of people with disabilities, died last week from complications of pancreatitis at DeKalb Medical in Atalanta. She was 87. RIP, Mary Brookshire.

A British woman, Josie Pearson, will make sporting history as the first British woman to play wheelchair rugby for her country on the Paralympic stage at the 2008 Paralympics in China.

The Medical Board of California is seeking to revoke or suspend the licence of Dr. Hootan Roozrokh, the surgeon accused of administering substantial quantities of pain medication to 25-year-old Ruben Navarro, a prospective organ donor, in May 2006. He also faces trial in October on a felony charge of dependent adult abuse in the death of Navarro, who suffered from a wasting neurological condition and was in a coma.

A Manitoba judge has moved up the date for a trial that will determine whether Samuel Golubchuk should be kept on life support, the Canadian press reports. The case surrounding his care, which was set to start in December, will now start in mid-September. Golubchuk, 84, has been on life support since last November and is using a feeding tube and ventilator.